December 2023 Newsletter


December 2023



In October, Erica stepped down as Physio Racing President so she can devote more time to the Transgender and LGBTQ issues that are near and dear to her heart. Jon Dury will be taking over as President. Jon is one of the founders of the team and has deep roots in the Colorado Cycling Community. 


Update from Jon


Well, hello team! Here we are!  First of all, Happy Holidays!!!  


I’d like to first give a huge shoutout to Erica for leading the team through the bulk of 2023.  I will do my best, along with the rest of the board to make the 2024 season fun and help us regrow our community. If anyone has interest in helping us do that, we could use some assistance on the board.  

Specifically, for the VP role.  🙂 


Racing and riding took a weird hit with Covid and we are rebuilding in all new ways.  


Well, road season has ended and at this point, so has cross, so we look into the future for the 2024 season.   It’s been quite the year of change for PhysioRacing, but we are excited to prep for next season.  Race teams across the state have seen a decline in membership and races have been waning, but PhysioRacing has always had a strong core group and the staff at Bicycle Colorado are committed to ensuring bike racing and bicycle advocacy are here to stay.  I am confident we will continue to have races to attend and a strong cycling community to be a part of.  


December is always a busy month with holiday parties, traveling to see family members and friends so we will have an end of year, beginning of year team party in January.  The party will include beer, food, schwag and friends to share it all with.  


PhysioRacing had quite the year, with a lot of racers and a lof of podiums.


For example:


eSports National Championships 

Angela Pitzer 




Susan Brashear




Michel Brossmer


Clyde Wright


Jeanne Desautels 



NOCO Crit 

Michelle Brossmer


Clyde Wright


Jeanne Desautels 


Susan Brashear


Nate Pitzer



Fountain Festival 

Angela Pitzer



Louisville Crit 

Michelle Brossmer



Mad Gravel 

Clyde Wright



Colorado State TT Championships 

Lora Mihelic


Angela Pitzer


Nate Pitzer



Modern Market Crit 

Josh Kleitsch



Boulder Ortho Crit 

Michelle Brossmer



Colorado State MTB Championships 

Clyde Wright



Cycle to the Summit

Justin Andrews



Wild West CX 

Karyn Abraham



Cyclo-X Parker 

Stephen Bartels


Chad Sigler



Cross of the North 

Clyde Wright


Karyn Abraham



Cyclo-X Westminster 

Karyn Abraham


Clyde Wright



Cyclo-X Longmont 

Karyn Abraham


Phil Merril Memorial Ride

On September 16, 12 riders gathered in Littleton to remember Phil Merril, our teammate and friend who was hit by a mini-bus in Hong Kong.  We talked about our memories of Phil and enjoyed a leisurely ride from Littleton to REI. Phil touched so many people on the team and in the community and his loss will be felt by so many.  Thank you to all the folks who showed up to celebrate such a great person. 

Blood Drive

Phil’s wife wanted us all to know how much she appreciated our tribute and asked, if we wanted to contribute, instead of giving money, rather to donate blood.  

We are going to set up a blood drive, along with some of Phil’s friends and family, so look for details on Slack soon.  

2024 Season

We will begin the registration process for the 2024 season soon.  Look for an email outlining the registration process soon! 

We have lots of exciting things to share about the upcoming season.  

  • Our sponsors will remain the same for 2024, meaning we can all use the same kits and jerseys we used for 2023.  
  • We are planning more team get togethers and rides for the upcoming year.  
  • The team will be sponsoring PhysioRacing racers at select races in the 2024 season, meaning we will all have the opportunity to race for free.  
  • We are looking into the possibility of instituting a youth/development team for the 2024 season as well.  

I hope everyone has the greatest of Holiday Seasons and we are all looking forward to next year.  

(Outgoing) President  – Erica Miller (she/her)

President – Jon Dury

Vice President – Vacant (It could be you!)

Secretary -Lora Mihelic

Treasurer – Jeanne Desautels

Officer-at-large – Dan Schrad


Physio Racing

PO Box 101766, Denver, CO 80250