Physio Racing team information

Registration for 2022 is now open!
Join the fastest growing team in Colorado.

Welcome to the Physio Racing team, a 501(c)(3) organization! If you are committed to racing and training with a team join us today. Check out the benefits and requirements to decide if being a member of the best bike racing team in Colorado is for you.

RACING team benefits

Check out these great Physio Racing benefits.

  • Teammates to train and race with, camaraderie and friendship
  • Racing and general cycling clinics
  • Discounts from team sponsors on equipment, nutrition, and more
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Discount opportunities at Elevation Cycles
  • Social events and celebrations
  • Opportunity to purchase “Physio Racing” branded cycling gear from the Pactimo Team Store.

RACING team requirements

While the RACING team is designed with fewer requirements than many other race teams, we do have minimal requirements to ensure commitment, professionalism, and safety. The requirements are fairly simple and include a minimum number of races, volunteer hours, and participation in sponsored rides (details below).

  • Members are expected to conduct themselves in a safe, lawful, and conscientious manner while training or racing, and to be a positive reflection of Physio Room, Elevation Cycles, and all other sponsors.
  • When riding in the team kit and on a bike trail, you have an additional responsibility. If passing other cyclists, runners, and pedestrians you must:
    • Slow down
    • Politely announce you are passing
    • Provide as much room as possible and remember that recreational riders and pedestrians perceive needing much more room than you do
    • Stay to the right of the centerline at all times and especially well before approaching oncoming traffic. The only exception is if you are safely passing.
    • Make up for less courteous cyclists by being extra polite
    • Any complaints to a sponsor may result in immediate expulsion
  • Members are expected to participate actively within the team in order to contribute to Physio Racing’s mission and goals by supporting and participating in team events, volunteering, training, and racing.
  • Every Physio Racing member is required to sign up for and race in a minimum of three (3) races in the current season to maintain team membership. A RACE EVENT is categorized as any organized bicycle event that has published results.
  • Every Physio Racing member is required to volunteer for at least one shift for the team race, the Littleton Criterium (8/06/2022). If this requirement cannot be met, please speak with team leadership and at least five (5) volunteer hours in the cycling community may be approved, such as volunteering with Lucky Bikes, or Trips for Kids. Other volunteer opportunities may be accepted with prior board approval.
  • The 2022 Physio Racing membership fee is $100 for new members. Returning members are $50 if you meet the minimum race requirements and volunteer hours.
  • If a Physio Racing member wishes to race outside of his/her primary discipline he/she is encouraged to notify the appropriate Team Leader (Road, MTB, or CX) before the first race in that discipline.
  • Members must purchase and wear the current season’s Physio Racing jersey during races and at Physio Racing organized outdoor team training rides. We highly encourage you to purchase the full kit for races.
  • Team Members must purchase a USA cycling and BRAC license (MTB-only racers excepted) and list “Physio Racing“ as primary team/club on their license and race entry forms.
  • While a member of “Physio Racing” you will not race for another team during the race calendar year, without team management permission.

The team reserves the right to buy back the current year’s team jerseys or kits, for the original price you paid, and remove you from the team for violation of any of these terms.

If you’d like to join the RACING team, click here.