group ride guide

What You Can Expect on a Group Ride?

As a member of Physio Racing you can expect consistency in our group rides. We want your experience to be challenging yet fun, and we welcome any feedback you may have on group rides. In preparation for any ride, there are minimal expectations to join us:

  • All cyclists MUST wear a helmet.
  • All cyclists will digitally sign the ride waiver – this is usually done at the beginning of the ride when attendance is taken.
  • Cyclists should be a part of Physio Racing; however, new riders are also welcome and encouraged to join us.

Members of Physio Racing lead most of our group rides. The ride leaders are expected to follow the speed/difficulty classifications listed below. Our rides range from “race-pace” drop rides to casual rides according to the tables below. Our ride leaders will lead according to the posted level, speed, and terrain of the ride. Please join us on a ride because Fast is Fun!

Road Ride Classifications:

Category Mileage Terrain Average MPH Drop Ride?
AX 30-100 Any terrain 18-27 Drop
A 30-100 Any Terrain 16-18 Drop
B 30-80 Any Terrain 14-16 Varies
C+ 20-40 Some Hills 13-14 No-drop
C 15-40 Few Hills 11-13 No-drop
D 10-25 Mostly Flat 8-11 No-drop

Note: Average speed represents the overall average for the ride, including: hills, stops, etc. The actual cruising speed on flat terrain will tend to be a few mph higher.

Mountain Ride Classifications: 

Category Description
AX Expert – technical single-track, long and steep hills, big rocks, logs, drop-offs; extreme terrain, but rideable
A Advanced – Technical trails, but no so extreme as AX
B+ Intermediate/advanced – mixed technical single-track, smooth single-track and fire roads; hills can still be long and steep
B Intermediate – single-track and fire roads; still got those hills, but less of the rocks and technical stuff. Fun
C+ Beginner/intermediate – smooth and rolling single-track and fire-roads, few roots and rocks.
C Beginner – relatively flat, smooth single-track or dirt road; a little bit of logs, maybe some roots.
D Unpaved, but generally smooth and flat; suitable for hybrid bikes.