Road Clinic Schedule

Road Clinic Schedule

Below is the schedule of the primary road clinics for 2015. Indoor weekend clinics will be held at 9AM, outdoor clinics at 10:00AM. If the weather is not cooperative for an outdoor clinic, the first rescheduling attempt will be to the next day (Sunday). If that day is also inclement, the clinic will be moved to the next Saturday, and following that attempt, Sunday.

Note that we are discussing additional clinics and may repeat some clinics when we gain new members. Additionally, we will use several weekend group rides to practice various aspects of what we’ve covered at recent clinics, so if you wanted to make a clinic but couldn’t be sure and attend one of these group rides which will reference the clinic in its description.


17th – Racing 101 – Indoor Lecture (preceding group ride, weather permitting) – definitions/lingo, what to expect on race day, leg shaving, road rash treatment, etc.

Jan 24th – Group riding – Chatfield (replace group ride) – Pace lining/Echelons/Lead-out

Feb 7th – Training – Indoor lecture (preceding group ride weather permitting) – Season Planning/Training/Nutrition/Tapering all High-Level (Shared clinic with MTB)

Feb 14th – Racing 201 – Indoor lecture (preceding group ride weather permitting) – warm-up, drafting, where to be, what to look for, pace lines, echelons, etc., plus race related bike prep and maintenance

Feb 28th – Hill Climbing and Descending – (replace group ride) – Posture/Pacing/Handling – Lookout Mountain

Mar 2nd, 9th, 16th, & 23rd – Racing Psychology ($15 per Session) – Indoor Lecture Series – Kate Bennett – More Info

Mar 21st – Time Trail Prep – Cherry Creek (replace group ride) – Bike setup/Cadence/Posture/Pacing

Mar 28th – Criterium Prep – Inverness (replace group ride) – Handling/Bumping/Strategy