So, You Want to Lead a Ride? – Get it on the Calendar!

So, You Want to Lead a Ride? – Get it on the Calendar!

GFI264-CalendarAs we get close to the start of the new year (which is still technically “off season” for most of you), we thought it would be a great time to publish some information about the team calendar.  Most of us joined the Physio Racing team or pedal CLUB in order to train and ride with like-minded cyclists in the area.  But how do we know when we’re riding together?  How do we ensure that there aren’t other rides going on at the same time? What about upcoming rides or recurring rides?  Can I get updates or notifications on upcoming rides? Where can we go to get answers to these questions?… The Physio Racing ride calendar OR Strava! Our goal is to determine which of those sources work best for all of us, or if we should always post to both. So, here’s what you need to know to get your ride posted.

We have created some guidelines for posting events/rides.  Anyone can lead an official ride (and RACING team members should attend 1 group ride per month and lead at least 1 ride per season).  In addition to taking attendance,  having non-members sign the waiver and sending it to the secretary, ride leaders should post all rides in a similar format so we’re consistent.  [NOTE: All Physio Racing team members and pedal CLUB members have signed the waiver at registration.  Only non-members need to sign the attendance/waiver form for each ride they attend.]  Please see the Physio Racing ride guide for information on categories and read the ride leader guide before submitting.

Physio Racing board members and discipline coordinators can post events to the calendar.  If you would like to lead an event please provide the information found on the calendar posting guidelines page and send it to your ride coordinator or submit it through the contact page.  Please try and post events at least 72 hours prior to start date/time.

What about rides posted on STRAVA?

Official Physio Racing and pedal CLUB rides will be created as events on both the team calendar (linked) and on STRAVA. However ad-hoc ride announcements can be posted to the discussion tab of the Physio Racing STRAVA group. If you use STRAVA, feel free to start/add-to/or comment on these discussions when you are looking for some company on your ride. We recommend posting ad-hoc rides with as much information as possible, similar to an official ride, but we recognize that these rides are often not planned ahead of time and all information may not be known. Please keep this in mind if you decide to join an ad-hoc ride, and remember that these rides do not require a formal approval/posting process and can be posted and led by anyone. If you don’t use STRAVA, don’t worry, that’s why we have the calendar and official rides which can be seen and attended by all members

Remember that on ANY ride you represent Physio Racing and pedal CLUB and should ride accordingly.

Want email notifications?

One advantage to STRAVA is the ability to customize notifications to receive an email when anyone posts an official ride, an ad-hoc ride, or both. If you have a STRAVA account, you can set this up by, clicking “settings” (under your picture in the top right corner), then click “email notifications” on the left. You will see several options, and the first one allows you to be notified ‘when a club member adds a discussion post’; this is what you need to check to get an email notice about ad-hoc rides. The 4th option ‘When an administrator adds a group event’ should be checked if you want to receive notices about official rides. You can also be reminded about rides you’ve signed up for by checking the 5th option, ‘When a group event you’ve joined is coming up’.

If you have a Gmail account, then you have similar notification options with the team calendar that is linked from, and a post will come soon on how to set up those notifications.

Why don’t we just use Meetup?

Meetup works well for what it does but in order to have a place where we can post rides and events which should only be attended by members we have to have a private group.  Meetup charges a hefty sum for this feature and we would prefer to keep our membership dues low and use our own calendar as a single repository for event information.  Besides, not everyone uses (or wants to use) Meetup so it wasn’t fair to force everyone to use it for ride and meeting announcements.

We hope the coming season meets your expectations and helps you achieve your goals.  One of our goals is to provide everyone with the right tools to be able to enjoy all the benefits of joining Physio Racing or pedal CLUB – we hope we’re on the right track.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!