pR Rider Spotlight – Sadie Babits

pR Rider Spotlight – Sadie Babits


Name: Sadie Babits

Hometown: Salmon, Idaho

Current Home: Littleton, CO

Discipline: Mountain bike XC (CAT 2/ Expert) / Road (CAT 4) / fledgling cyclocrosser (CAT 4)

When did you join pedal? 2016

How long have you been riding and racing? I’ve been riding my entire life if you count the tricycle I had when I was a kid. But really I was in my late teens when I started mountain biking on my little ten speed Sequoia (no shocks people!). One thing led to another and I started racing mountain bikes in college… I haven’t stopped although I’ve picked up road riding/ racing along the way and flirted with cyclocross for the first time last year and loved it. Two wheels and pedal power equal freedom and adventure. Every time I get on my bike I’m profoundly grateful to be able to pedal all these years later.

What is your absolute favorite road or trail to ride? I feel lucky to live in a place that has so many great road rides. I love an easy spin around Chatfield then up Deer Creek Canyon and I get a kick out of riding up through downtown to Golden, up Lookout and back down the other side. Lately one of my most inspiring places to ride/ train is in Colorado National Monument. As for mountain biking on the Front Range, hands down, Buffalo Creek. For the Western Slope I’m obsessed with Lunch Loops; 18 Road and many many trails in Moab like Navajo, Klondike, Mag 7 and and and…

What piece of bike equipment/gear can you not live without? I could not live without my new Santa Cruz Tallboy with a dropper post! (A HUGE GIANT BEAR HUG THANK YOU TO PEDAL AND BILL AND CHRIS for helping me find the perfect bike and get it just right! You rock! ) This is my first full suspension mountain bike and I’m in love having been a hard tail rider for years. It’s the perfect bike for the XC / trying to be a better downhill rider/ racer. My Scott CR1 has been with me for 11 years and feels like my old friend and I do most of my training on that bike. I couldn’t function without Honey Stinger gels and chews! Grateful to have them as a sponsor and props to them for making products that those of us with food allergies can handle. And I am incredibly grateful to Pedal for being a community gem of a bike shop! Bill and the team have been so wonderful about sharing downhill tips; nutrition tips; training tips and more, and I can’t think of a better shop to be able to ride for and with! THANK YOU!!!

Favorite thing to do when you’re NOT riding your bike? I’m learning to rock climb this year. I couldn’t function without regular yoga and having quiet time to recharge my batteries. I love a good book, writing, and playing my piano.

Favorite motivational quote/saying? “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Zen Proverb; “With our thoughts we make the world” – Buddha

Sadie1Best race experience or highlight? I set goals for each race that keep me focused on reality rather than creating unrealistic expectations. For example, my first 50 mile mountain bike race this year – True Grit – I knew I was going in under trained so I focused on things like hydration; eating consistently; staying positive and just finishing. The result? I cramped like hell half way through dropping a few positions but I came across the line in a decent time and absolutely thrilled I finished! Last year while racing Deer Creek, my goal was to stay with the pack which I did for most of the race and if I felt good to see if I could launch an attack. I remember taking off on one of those big epic rollers and stringing the pack along and how great I felt and I got super excited because I thought the finish was right down the hill… yeah, there was another 10 miles left and my moment of glory passed as I realized I couldn’t stay out in front any longer. I fell back to the middle of the pack and finished but I treasure that one little moment. It keeps me coming back for more.

What are your goals for 2016? This year I’m primarily focused on mountain bike racing. It’s my passion and while I’ll dabble with some time trials and road races, those will be for training. I race CAT 2 on the mountain and I’m working to upgrade but I keep feeling compelled to do longer endurance races… so my goal right now is to train for the Gunnison Growler; Silver Rush, Firecracker among a few others. I’m also looking forward to trying more cyclocross racing in the fall. I did my first race last year in Grand Junction and loved it!