pR Rider Spotlight – Mark Stookesberry

pR Rider Spotlight – Mark Stookesberry


Photo credit Brent Murphy Photography

Hometown: Denver

Current Home: Centennial

Discipline: Road and Cross

When did you join pedal? November of 2014

How long have you been riding and racing? Riding forever and racing since last year

What is your absolute favorite road or trail to ride? My favorite road is a tough call. I love the High Drive off of North Turkey Creek. It’s generally pretty quiet without much traffic, it’s got some very steep sections and you get an amazing view of Mt. Evans. Though it sounds funny, my favorite trail is the Highline. After I started riding Cyclocross I discovered a ton of connected equestrian trails and open-spaces where I work on CX skills. There are tight corners around trees, off-camber climbs, grass, loose gravel, run-ups and stairs, and mud and sand in the canal itself.

What piece of bike equipment/gear can you not live without? Pedal, specifically the shop. Everyone there has always been helpful and friendly. These folks know what they’re doing and have been great about explaining how to fix stuff on your own.

Favorite thing to do when you’re NOT riding your bike? Playing in the snow. From family days at Loveland to skinning up to huts in the back country with friends, nothing compares to sliding down soft snow.

Favorite motivational quote/saying? “Out of the drops in the sandpit!!!” -Gary Mullins

Best race experience or highlight? For road, the Superior Morgul was a huge highlight. The course was long and had a great climb, there was a group finish that was tactical and here was a big pR turnout for the 5’s. Also, I had my first placing I’m really proud of. For cross, it was Interlocken. The course was well laid out with lot’s of passing opportunities. There was a sandpit I screwed up every time, a slippery run up, a mud pit, fast pavement, off-camber and slippery downhill. The weather was perfect for cross- wet and cold, but not completely miserable. There was great support form Gary Mullins and another great pR turnout. The best part of both of these races was that I finished ahead of teammate David Odom by just a place or two. 🙂

What are your goals for 2016? Continuing to have fun- whether it means meeting more great folks, finding new roads and trails, pulling a teammate up for a sprint finish or a podium for myself.