pR Rider Spotlight – Lydia Holmes

pR Rider Spotlight – Lydia Holmes

This week’s rider spotlight is on Lydia Holmes, our women’s team lead. Lydia has taken charge this year and built up a really strong women’s presence on the team. She’s an encouraging leader and a super strong rider in all three disciplines. We’re lucky to have her, and wish her an awesome season!


Hometown:  Littleton, CO

Current home:  Littleton, CO

Discipline and category:  Everything! Cat 4 road/cx and Sport mtb.

When did you join pedal?  I was with the team the first year of it’s inception, in 2014. Thought I’d spread my wings and try to find some women’s development on another team, didn’t get it… so came back to pedal and decided to make it happen here.

How long have you been riding and racing?  I rode my bike as a kid, but nothing serious. When my kids were really little I was hauling them around in a really heavy old trailer on a really heavy Walmart Schwinn. I tackled the Deer Creek/Evergreen/Morrison loop on that stupid bike and got hooked.  I started riding more ever after that, and I raced for the first time in 2014.

CxWhat is your absolute favorite road or trail to ride?  Man… I don’t know if I have a favorite or I can pin something! Being multi-discipline means I have different moods for riding too. I love pushing myself on my road bike up Deer Creek/High Grade and Lookout Mountain or just a long beautiful ride through the mountains. Or my new found love is in Fruita, grinding up steep hills at 18 Road and ripping a descent down Kessel Run, or in my own backyard slugging up Nice Kitty at Buffalo Creek and bombing down Charlies Cutoff. So yeah… it all depends. I don’t think I can claim a favorite. Sorry not sorry.

What piece of bike equipment/gear can you not live without? OH my gosh, yeah so I love my Honey Stinger Honey… that stuff I swear is magic. Definitely keeps me going and does the trick for staying on top of my nutrition. Easy to take down. The chews are great when I start feeling hungry too. LOVE it.  I HAVE to mention our title sponsor, pedal. Those guys treat us so well and keep my bike in tip top shop. They take such good care of us and I definitely wouldn’t be out there as much if they didn’t always take care of my girls (bikes… just so we’re clear).  😉

Favorite thing to do when you’re NOT riding your bike?  I love being outdoors… so camping and hiking.  The great thing about hiking is you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors at a slower pace. When you’re watching the trail in front of you when on your bike you definitely miss out on some of that unless you stop to take it in. Hiking, you constantly drinking it up. And you can’t beat those crisp mountain air mornings when your camping, right? The clear blue sky against mountain peaks or reflecting off a mountain lake.  Man, doesn’t get much better than that.

Favorite motivational quote/saying?

“It doesn’t get any easier, you just get faster” -Greg LeMond

RtMBest race experience or highlight?  Probably Race the MAC mountain bike series last year in Castle Rock. Despite breaking a chain the first race, it was such a fun series. After it was all said and done I walked away series leader with some really cool prizes each race, and a set of carbon wheels for being the series winner.

What are your goals for 2016?  I feel like my goals keep changing. This season, I’m really going to be focused more on our women’s program, which makes it tough to focus on a training plan to something specifically. I started off the season saying I wanted to cat up in road, but now I feel like every chance I get I just want to go pound some dirt. I’m hopefully going to do the Half Growler, maybe the Firecracker 50. Those are some big races… not sure my endurance is really there for those, but it would be fun to push for it!



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  1. Avatar Chris Van Patten says:

    Thanks Lydia for all that you do. I’m very glad you came back to Pedal… it was very lonely last year without you.

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