pR Rider Spotlight – Julie Fisher

pR Rider Spotlight – Julie Fisher


Name: Julie Fisher

Hometown: Mt. Prospect, IL

Current Home: Denver, CO

Discipline and category: Road and Mountain

When did you join pedal? November 2015

How long have you been riding and racing? I’ve been riding bikes since I was 6 years old. Got back into riding as an adult on a mountain bike in 2000 for 3-4 years then took a break from all cycling after a car accident left me with soft tissue damage in my neck and low back. Started road cycling in June of 2014 and got hooked again. Getting back into mountain biking this year.

What is your absolute favorite road or trail to ride? Squaw Pass to Mt. Evans summit

What piece of bike equipment/gear can you not live without? I am in love with my Pactimo PedalRacing kit! Now I’m loading up my riding wardrobe with more of their apparel.

fullsizerenderFavorite thing to do when you’re NOT riding your bike? Spending time with my two boys (ages 10 and 11), exploring outdoors by other activities including skiing, hiking, rafting or trail running, and escaping in music when I play the piano. Cooking, I love to create amazing dishes that look and taste gourment but are actually simple. I even have a business plan for a start up cooking/meal program I hope to have time to work on later this year.

Favorite motivational quote/saying? Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway. – John Wayne

Best race experience or highlight? This is my first year to be in a cycling club and race team. I’ve participated in 2 race events this year: Lookout TT Hill Climb which I placed 7th in my category and Race the Mac mtb which I placed 2nd…that felt amazing and has me falling in love with mountain biking all over again.

What are your goals for 2017? To improve bike handling skills, find more confidence in mountain biking, improve my speed on climbs for road cycling, and ride with like minded women that we can share our passion for cycling, family and friendship. Race goals:  5 Road races (a mix of road, hill climb and possibly a crit) and a mountain bike series plus one endurance mountain bike race.