pR Rider Spotlight – Jerry Weiss

pR Rider Spotlight – Jerry Weiss


Name: Jerry Weiss

Hometown: Born in NJ; then moved around a lot, including Milwaukee and Boston; but that was a long long time ago !

Current Home: Breckenridge and Lakewood

Discipline: Road – Cat 5 (close to 4)

When did you join pedal? 2015

How long have you been riding and racing? Racing for 1 year; Serious riding for about 4 years.

What is your absolute favorite road or trail to ride? Love the Copper Triangle for long rides; Around Lake Dillon for shorter ones.

What piece of bike equipment/gear can you not live without? My Cannondale Synapse – not strictly a race bike I guess, but it’s been great to me on all types of rides. I love me some Honey Stinger Chocolate Cherry PRO bars. And who could do without the best bike shop in town – pedal of Littleton!

Favorite thing to do when you’re NOT riding your bike? Hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and practicing my piano, but got a little one-tracked on biking lately. I think I spent  more time on Zwift than on the slopes last winter!

Favorite motivational quote/saying? “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” – Hamlet

Best race experience or highlight? PR on Lookout this year; Finished in the pack at Rio last year

What are your goals for 2016? More pack finishes, PRs, Cat 4 upgrade, and Triple Bypass (maybe Mt Evans too)

August update: Finished in the pack at Rio again this year but not at OZ or Morgul.  Got enough points to upgrade, but putting it off for now; think I need to get the vision rehab’ed before riding in a crowded fast-paced peloton again. Triple – check !