pR Rider Spotlight – Jenna Danser

pR Rider Spotlight – Jenna Danser

img_5139Name: Jenna Danser

Hometown: D-Town

Current Home: Littleton, CO

Discipline: Road/SW4

When did you join pedal? I joined pedal in 2014 after marshalling the Littleton Crit for 2 years in a row. BIll asked me once why I wasn’t on the team and I thought that was a darn good question. I joined both the Club and volunteered to be the Club Lead. I ended up joining the team as well on the road side. Since joining I have met so many great folks and mentors. We have such an awesome group of folks both on our teams and in the shop. It’s a community that I am happy and proud to be a part of.

img_4962How long have you been riding and racing? I have been riding for about 6 years now. I used to do a lot of weight training and my knees became shoddy. When I couldn’t put weight on it anymore I hopped on to a spin bike and the rest is history. This is only my first year racing.

What is your absolute favorite road or trail to ride? So far, my favorite rides are good climbs that I can fly back down as reward for the hard work put in. But truly, any time spent on two wheels is fab.

What piece of bike equipment/gear can you not live without? My new Cannondale Super Six Hi Mod Evo. This bike is the baddest of the bad. So much lighter and faster than my old dog. It’s so much more comfortable to ride and easier to climb hills with. #love. I would also say that everything we gained from our Coach, Jason Short. He truly puts his time and effort into our success and is a great person to learn from.

Favorite thing to do when you’re NOT riding your bike? Some of Jenna’s favorite things are: riding my Harley, weight training, drinking beer, hanging with my daughter and having fun!

Favorite motivational quote/saying? “There may be people more talented than you are but there is no excuse for someone to work harder than you do”. My Man #2, Derek Jeter.


Best race experience or highlight? My best race experience would have to be getting back into a crit after my crash last year. I had been avoiding crits and being a scaredy pants but with the encouragement from my teammates and a willingness to get over my fears I just did it!

Gotta go in with your head held high, give it your best and as Dury says, “Have fun!”

What are your goals for 2016? To stay healthy enough to train, to be stronger than I have been before and to race as much as I can.