Meet the Officers & Board

Title Sponsor – Chris Robl, Physio Room
Primary discipline(s): MTB
What you love most about bikes: I used to race motocross and love bombing downhills!
Why you joined Physio: 3 years affiliated with the team. I just loved seeing how many people we have at the races and it is nice to have that support and friendship at the races.


President – Dave Hogue
Primary discipline(s): I primarily race road–though the gravel scene is rapidly drawing me in!
What you love most about bikes: I first fell in love with cycling when I discovered bike commuting. Skip sitting in traffic, get some exercise and fresh air, and get to the office feeling refreshed? What a dream come true! I love being able to get from point A to point B on 2 wheels, and I started racing as a way to keep pushing myself to get fitter and faster.
Why you joined Physio: I’ve been on the team since late 2017. The biggest reason I joined this team, and the reason that keeps me coming back every year, is the deep friendships I’ve made with other members of the team. We have the most fun and we win a lot of races while we’re at it!


Vice President – Stephen Bartels
Primary discipline(s): I ride primarily road, but am not bikist.
What you love most about bikes: I love the freedom and respite from life’s troubles that riding gives me. Great views and maybe some pain.
Why you joined Physio: I’ve been on the team since June 2017. I joined then Pedal cuz I was invited to the team! I didn’t really have the intent to race at the time, but was invited anyway.


Secretary – Stacey Richardson
Primary discipline(s): I ride all disciplines, but race MTB and CX.
What you love most about bikes: I love the feeling of strength and freedom that riding a bike provides, and it can take me places, not everyone can experience.
Why you joined Physio: I joined the team at the end of the 2016 CX season. It took a little arm twisting from my friend Lydia, but she was convincing. I was reluctant to join a team, probably because of my social awkwardness and fear of not fitting in, but it turns out us bike geeks have a lot in common. I keep coming back to this team because they are like my second family. We support each other through cycling and life!


Treasurer – Jeanne Desautels
Primary discipline(s): I ride both Mtn and Road, but race only Mtn.
What you love most about bikes: I love riding on the trails, being in nature and constantly challenging myself. I love the rush of going downhill fast after a good tough climb.
Why you joined Physio: After racing as an unattached rider for several years, I joined the Pedal / Physio team in 2019 with the desire to connect with others and meet more women who ride and race mountain bikes.


Officer-at-Large – Dan Schrad
Primary discipline(s): Started in MTB, added Road, CX. Can’t say I identify as any one type of rider.
What you love most about bikes: Riding is how I get outside. It’s transportation. It’s competition. It’s community.
Why you joined Physio: Joined the team the year after it started – was on another team out of California, and wanted to join something close to home and support local businesses and riders. The team has been about learning how to race with people who are eager, but not aggro. I feel like being a part of the team is a way to combine what I love with where I live – to help grow the sport in Littleton. I think the south metro area has as much or more to offer in terms of terrain and access than almost anywhere.


Cross Lead – Karyn Abraham
Primary discipline(s): CX and gravel
What you love most about bikes: I love riding because of the freedom it provides.
Why you joined Physio: I’ve been a member for over 2 years. I joined to meet new people, and stayed because it’s such a great group!


Cross Lead – Eric Miller
Primary discipline(s): CX and road
What you love most about bikes: What I love most about bikes is the fluid freedom of riding tailwinds, the joy in riding with friends, and the rewards from the suffering they inflict on me. It’s also nice to have an excuse to shave my legs.
Why you joined Physio: I joined in November 2017 after being disappointed in a previous team’s dubious sponsor. I knew Jon Dury from road races and hit ‘em up about joining.


MTB Lead – Heather O’Leary
Primary discipline(s): mountain biking
What you love most about bikes: Cycling is my outlet, my Joy, my adventure, My Fitness, my way to get lost (hopefully metaphorically) in nature, my ego boost and more often how I am humbled!! I’m challenged so often when I ride my bike to become to overcome obstacles and push myself harder!
Why you joined Physio: This team has such a diverse group of people and everyone has always been really friendly and consistent and supporting each other! I’m grateful to have so many wonderful people to call riding partners!


MTB Lead (Interim) – Paul “Hess” Hesselgrave
Primary discipline(s): Road and MTB
What you love most about bikes: Love testing myself, seeing new places at bike pace, and going fast. The people are ok sometimes too.
Why you joined Physio: Joined the team in 2017 because I wanted to start racing and learn. This team had the best info available on the website and social (most teams have nothing out there about membership).


Road Lead – Kelly Hoose
Primary discipline(s): Road
What you love most about bikes: Bikes have taken me to some of the most beautiful places. Places I would never have gone otherwise. This Ernest Hemingway quote really sums it up: “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.”
Why you joined Physio: I have been on the team since 2019. I joined because I was interested in getting into racing and Patrick Repasky encouraged me to join a few of the team’s group rides. I was immediately impressed by the friendliness and fun of the team. Since joining, I continue to be impressed by the strength of our women. I couldn’t ask for more supportive or encouraging teammates and I can’t imagine being a part of any other team!


Road Lead – Patrick Repasky
Primary discipline(s): Road
What you love most about bikes: I enjoy exploring new roads and the adventures you can have on the bike as well as the pursuit of improvement getting fitter, stronger, and better.
Why you joined Physio: I joined the team in 2017 as I was just getting into racing and wanted to meet new people. PR has been critical in helping me develop as a racer and meet great people!


Sponsorship – Nick Torres
Primary discipline(s): Gravel
What you love most about bikes: I like bikes because I enjoy being able to get from point a to point b using my own power.
Why you joined Physio: Been on the team 8 months. I joined Physio Racing because it was high on the Google results and the website wasn’t terrible. It also seemed like a fun group as opposed to a bunch of buzz kills.


Race Director – Chip Brunk
Primary discipline(s): Road
What you love most about bikes: I was a road only racer, original member, and a former president of the team (2015). I love criteriums and if possible, going faster than you.
Why you joined Physio: I most like that our team was founded by guys that had never raced before. That resulted in a welcoming, encouraging spirit we still have rather than the typical elitist attitude you find on other teams.


We are looking for enthusiastic teammates to join the executive team, if you’re interested in stepping into any of these opportunities, reach out to Dave ([email protected]), or anyone on the board.

Open Roles
Men’s MTB Lead
Assistant Race Director
Apparel Coordinator
Technology Coordinator