BRAC & COBRAS Consider Bringing Back the Bear Creek TT Series

BRAC & COBRAS Consider Bringing Back the Bear Creek TT Series

BearCreekTTSeries-CyclistA few years ago I was riding my bike to get back into shape.  I had just breached the 265 lb mark and I realized that I had to do something about my weight/health.  So I took up cycling.

Every free hour I had I was riding.  I only had a mountain bike (an old Gary Fisher) but my time, distance and speed were all improving.  And most importantly my weight was DECREASING.  One day in the fall I was out for a 30 mile ride on the C-470 trail and I came to the Bear Creek State park.  There was a bike race going on.

I sat at the start tent for about 45 minutes watching the racers leave one after another.  I didn’t know much about bike racing beyond the few races I did in high school but I knew this was a Time Trial and it looked fabulous.  So I asked someone what race it was and they said it was the “Bear Creek Time Trial Series” (BCTTS).

I rode home with so much energy and excitement because I finally knew what I wanted to do.  I wanted to race bikes.  I wanted to train so I could enter a race – and specifically I wanted to race in the BCTTS.  My goal was to be in good enough shape that I could race in it by the next year.  So I set out to do that.

A few months later I hooked up with Scott and Jon on a Meetup ride leaving from the pedal shop.   A few weeks after that Physio Racing was started and I joined the team right away.  Then I found out that the BCTTS wasn’t going to be held that year – in fact it probably wasn’t ever coming back.  I was pretty bummed.  Every time I ride to the park I wonder what it would have been like to race there.  But I guess I’ll never know… or maybe I will.

Yesterday COBRAS sent the following email & survey to people who had participated in the KHMTT (aka Cherry Creek TT).  Please read what they had to say and take the survey to let them know if you would be interested in the race.

Please – I want to race!

“BRAC and the COBRAS are considering bringing back the Bear Creek Lake Time Trial Series in September.  This series would run each week for four consecutive weeks in September.

For those who may not be familiar with the Bear Creek Lake Time Trial Series, it is held in the park, located near Morrison, just off of C-470 and Morrison Road. It is a 6.8 mile course and is held on open roads and features fast turns, rolling terrain and an uphill climb to the top of the dam. It’s fun and challenging!

The event would be operated much like the KHMTT in Cherry Creek State Park, however BRAC and the COBRAS would pay your park entrance fee to the park.  The cost of the series we estimate would be $90 for adults.

Before we commit to this event, we need to hear from you!

September is the month that Cyclocross season starts and time trial racing winds down, however many cyclists such as yourself would still like to race.

Please take a minute and answer two questions to let us know if you would be interested or not.  Your input is very important to us so we can determine if the interest is there or not.

Go to the Survey by clicking here.

Thank you!

BRAC and the COBRAS”

If you’re having trouble clicking the survey link, try it here.