2014 – Looking Back to Look Forward

2014 – Looking Back to Look Forward

WOW! What a great first year for Pedal Racing. As we bring 2014 to a close, it’s a great time to recap the year and revel in what we’ve accomplished. From the humble start at Starbuck’s (what good bike endeavor doesn’t start at a coffee shop), the first year was supposed to be for building a team. A team starts with teammates, so with Pedal Bicycle as our incredibly supportive title sponsor and providing access to the local bicycle community, we set out to find some bicycle racers. At our first information meeting Jan 5, 2014 at Pedal Bicycle in Littleton, we were ecstatic to have 40+ in attendance resulting in over 50 team members joining. Now came the hard part… riding, training, and racing.

The Learning Curve

As a new team with a lot of members that had never raced before , the first priority became to “How do we race and do it safely?” Our Pedal shop relationship opened up opportunities for clinics with their Pro/1/2 Development Squad. Not many of us had been in bump drills, wheel rubbing on purpose, bunny hopping, double pace-lines, or busting out intervals on the open road. The learning curve was steep but each and every member who participated in these clinics became a better and safer rider.

Everyone Needs Goals

Borrowing from pro racer who spoke to us at a training night, we started the year with 3 main objectives:

 1.     Have fun
We have this covered. Mission accomplished! From competing with BBQs and our trusty Pedal team tent, this group knows how to have a good party.




2.     Look good
Our kit (thank you Scott Smith for the design) makes everyone look fast. Riding in a line just multiplies the effect.




3.     Oh yeah safety…
Well, for the most part, we only left skin on the road. We did have 3 trips to the hospital this year. No worries though, everyone making the ER visit is OK and ready to go in 2015. Wear your helmet, NO exceptions. In case anyone needs motivation to stay upright, the “free” ride via ambulance is most definitely NOT free.


Our Results

No look back would be complete without checking how we did. We raced a LOT and participation was our main goal for the year, but we found our way to the podium and even a few wins. Not bad for a bunch of rookies! (That excuse is gone for next year everyone.)

Rocky Mountain Endurance Series (MTB)

Team results: 4th place overall
2 wins
5 podiums
21 top 10s

Winter Park Series (MTB)

2 wins
4 podiums
14 top 10s


Team results:
SM4                   17th place
MM 35+_4       15th place
MM 55+           21st place
SW3                   17th place
SW4                   19th place
MM 45+_4       26th place

1 Win
5 Podiums
33 Top 10s

BRAC Cross

0 Win
2 Podiums
20 Top 10s

What’s next?

We have already begun working on 2015. One HUGE thing learned from 2014 was that it takes a lot more organization than we had. We put in place a more formal board and support group. We look forward to even more clinics, organized training rides both inside and out, and yes, competing on the trail, road, or course.  If you’re thinking of joining a team for 2015, now is a great time to check what we’ve got coming. Check out our team or club links.

We have many people and organizations to thank especially Pedal Bicycle and specifically, Bill Nagel. They helped get us off the ground, give us a place to train and meet, and provided a ridiculous amount of pizza and beer. Thank you to Scott Smith and Jon Dury for the leadership and energy to get us started on this journey. It wouldn’t have happened without you both. We are also grateful to all those that sponsored, supported, and participated with the team. Thanks and see you on the road or trail in 2015!